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Lake Wales, Florida - My Hometown

The Arrin Update
My sister Arrin is a reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune and a darned good photographer (she gets it from our father). Officially, she's a "Special to the Tribune." I'm very proud of her. She's an inspiration to me.

I assimilate information. This website is one result.

Other results can be found at www.internet-chicago.com, www.findcounseling.com, and www.communityresources.net, all built because they needed to be built, as they were gathering dust in my mind.

You may not see the pattern. That's o.k. I see the patterns.

This is my miscellaneous file. As with the box marked miscellaneous in my basement, many of the best things are kept here - things to be used, but not necessarily kept in the living room.

An example is my collection of the best websites for looking at fishing lures. If you spend as much time as I do in front of a computer, some weeks the only exercise you get is thinking about fishing and clenching your jaw. These sites will fill your imagination. Try my fishing lures directory now.

You'll also find my very organized directory of websites about kayaks. When I need some real exercise, I click through these and dream about fighting a tarpon from the sea - being taken on a wild and dangerous sleigh ride. No I don't own a kayak. I just think about owning a kayak. The kayak directory contains links to all the manufacturers websites, where the really good information is hidden, not just links to online retailers.

Family and friends may want to take a look at some pictures. I offer Chicago pictures, pictures of flowers, pictures from a fishing vacation to Long Key in the spring of 2002, pictures of my January, 2003 fishing trip with Dad to Long Key, Florida, pictures of our trip to visit St. Clair, Michigan, on Independence Day, 2003, a greeting for Melody, and pictures of fun and friends. Don't pass up my favorite picture in the world.

Since the girls arrived, I've been taking hundreds of pictures and lots of movies. I post my pictures on my Flickr account (no registration required to view or print) and my videos on my Vimeo account. Check them out.

Hey, I just started building a directory of Newton Links and Woodbrey Links. Check out all the Newtons and Woodbreys on the Web.

I'm Chief Strategy Officer of Mir Internet Marketing, Inc., where I spend my days performing an incredible variety of tasks, from menial to ground breaking. We've just launched a division focused on local Internet marketing for national companies with multiple locations.

SEO Logic® Search Engine Optimization and Placement Services is a division of my company, through which we provide search engine optimization services. We also provide a variety of free Webmaster tools.

On March 30, 2012, I launched a really cool new therapist search engine at Therapists.com.

I've added a directory of Saltwater Fishing Videos for download. Check it out. Here's a page with links to stuff I want.

I attended Northwestern University as an under grad and as a graduate student.  One of the quirky things many under grad students get to do is paint the rock and then spend the night defending it from others who want to paint over what you just painted.  Well, you can watch it all live now at Northwestern's web site.  They have a Rock WebCam in University Hall.  The odd thing is I specifically remember them removing The Rock a few years ago over the summer.  I have a copy of The Daily Northwestern to prove it.  I wonder how and when it returned.

One last thing. I read "The Hotel New Hampshire" by John Irving when I was in 9th grade, and then proceeded to sign my school pictures like this (only one person ever asked what it meant, and I was embarrassed that my subconscious had allowed myself to be so revealing, so I lied):

C. J.

Links within cjtripnewton.com. Chicago pictures. Pictures of flowers. My Childhood Pictures. Pictures of Dad. Long Key, Florida Pictures, April, 2002. Fishing with Dad Pictures, January, 2003.
Woodbrey Party Pictures, May, 2003. Lake Michigan Fishing Pictures, August, 2003. Directory of Kayak and Kayak Fishing Links. Directory of Fishing Lures and Equipment Sites. The Private Newtons Group at MSN.com.

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